Alternative Wedding Bouquets – That steal the show

Close up image of brooch button bouquet
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Having beautiful flowers at your wedding has long been a tradition in many cultures.

The origins are fascinating and knot blog has a great article on various cultures and flower symbology.

For us Brits it is often more a matter of style and taste but make sure you explore all of the options.

During a wedding photography consultation, a bride she told me how bad her hayfever was. Saying if she held a bunch of flowers it would set off her allergy.

Sneezing, make-up running, puffy eyes - Every brides nightmare

This led me to look into alternatives wedding bouquets and other ideas.

Image of Chilli pepper flower for wedding bouquet
Image of Copper rose flowers for wedding bouquet

Floral images for site decor

Avoid your hayfever with a quirky, stylish, alternative wedding bouquet

While photographing Jen and Tom's wedding at Clearwell Castle I was delighted to see Jen's handmade brooch bouquets.

Made from sparkling brooches, ribbon flowers and intricate pieces of jewellery they were a real show stopper.

A beautiful and sentimental touch was a locket with a wedding day portrait of Jen's grandparents which gave the bouquet a really personal touch.

Image of 3 paper flower bouquets

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Consider the materials on offer and the fun you could have...

Folded Paper, Pompoms, Felt, Wool, Ribbons, Buttons, Jewelry, Heirlooms, Vegetables.....

Think about your overall wedding theme, what suits your style, reflects your personality and will make you smile on the day.

A great place to start is your local haberdashery store.

 Danielle's Haberdashery in Newport is a treasure trove of ideas.

You can always use Pinterest and the fabulous Etsy for ideas that will kick-start your imagination.

Close up image of pearl buttons
Image of Alternative-wedding wool bouquet
Image of flower shaped glass buttons

Floral images for site decor

One final idea for the very brave..

Why not carry a stick of candy floss as your bouquet?

I wonder how long it would last?

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