Boudoir Photography – Studio Session

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I love a Boudoir Session as it brings my inner feminist to the forefront. The shoot is all about you, celebrating the woman you are inside.

They can also make a great engagement or sexy wedding gift.

During our time together in the studio, my main aim is to make you feel fabulous about yourself.

Side on view of female looking down wearing black underwear.
Girl on her back wearing white lace bodice during Boudoir Session
Back view of lady resting on heels
Shot form behind showing lady's back and bum in black and white.
Lady laying on her back in underwear with hand above her head.

Being a female photographer helps to build a rapport and make women feel comfortable and relaxed during the Boudoir Session.

A glass of wine never hurts either

It's good to take things slowly, a baby doll slip or a silk cloth can make all the difference before your inner diva is revealed.

We normally end up laughing and joking so even though the images can look intense and beautiful it's always fun creating them.

Charlie X

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