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Bridal Prep

Bridal Preparations

Whether you choose to set the scene for bridal preparations in your own home or a luxury hotel, these top tips are a must for every bride to consider.

As with most things wedding related time is the biggest factor so make sure you give yourself plenty of it during this enjoyable part of the day.

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  • To optimise the experience consider a hotel room to get ready in. Not only will it allow for beautiful images but also give you a well-deserved treat.
  • Consider how long it will take to put on the wedding dress, buttons backed dresses can add 20 mins to the schedule
  • Plan to be ready 15-20 mins before your car arrives. This allows time to capture bridal portraits.
  • Gather personal items and gifts for the photographer as they may not know what or where these items are.
  • Think of where the natural light is coming into the room to optimize photographs and makeup.

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