Caer Llan Countryside Wedding – Katie & Michael

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With a quaint church service held at Dingestow, near Monmouth and Caer Llan for bridal prep and reception.

Katie had a fantastic opportunity as she worked behind the bar at many weddings.

She could pick out ideas she wanted for her own big day.


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Vertical image of Bride and groom walking through gardens at Caer Llan
Bride and groom kiss walking through gardens at Caer Llan
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Floral images for site decor

The styling was perfect with an overall light and whimsical vibe.

Using rustic brown hues of hessian juxtaposed with delicate lace.

The bridesmaid dresses were a pale peach and their flowers were subtle shades pastel colours.

The lace wedding dress with a slight vintage style suited Katie's petite frame perfectly.

Floral images for site decor

Warm sunshine allowed everyone to mingle outside enjoying the stunning rolling hills of South Wales.

The couples Daughter Ruby took great delight exploring the gardens with the other children. 


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Towards the end of the day the swimming pool not only gives a welcome refresh, but is also a great feature to take some stunning photographs beside. 

It was a glorious day and the evening was topped off with the fantastic funk and soul band.

 Soul'd Out who got the guest dancing away with saxophones, guitars and amazing singing.


Floral images for site decor

Check out the full video slideshow here

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A posed photograph with a Dramatic style photograph by pool at Caer llan

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