Coombe Lodge Wedding – Baiba & Adam

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A perfect blend of British and Latvian traditions

Baiba and Adam's wedding was a day full of laughs, smiles and friends, just what a wedding should be.

The ceremony was held in St Mary the Virgins Church in Leigh Woods and reception at the stunning Coombe Lodge in Bristol.

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Preparations began early in the morning at home in Bristol.  With champagne flowing the kitchen table had been overrun with masses of makeup pots, hair tools and products.  Everyone was laughing and smiling as the bridesmaids’ hair was curled, plaited and sprayed into place.

There was a flourish of bright yellow tones throughout the day, from the bridesmaid’s dresses and seasonal daffodils to the flutes of bubbling champagne waiting to be sipped.

beautiful lace wedding dress
lace and pearl wedding shoes
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With a beautiful lace fishtailed wedding gown, simple pearl necklace and floor length veil, Baiba was the perfect bride.

Her Lily of the valley bouquet by Ivory Flowers was delicate and fragrant and preceded by her three bridesmaids dressed in yellow Zara dresses she looked amazing.

On exiting the church as newlyweds, Baiba and Adam were greeted by their Westie dog in a tuxedo dog suit, very much looking the part.

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Just before arriving at Coombe Lodge we spied a small turning across a bridge into a little village.

(Latvian tradition it is customary for the groom to carry his new bride across 7 bridges)

While the bridesmaids popped into the local pub to powder their noses, I took Baiba and Adam around the corner and found some lovely rustic backdrops for the couple to pose against.

bride and groom portraits in arch and groom kissing bride

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The dining hall in Coombe Lodge had been decorated and set out in cream tones.

Personalised ribbons were used as place settings and diamond encrusted chair ties added a sparkle.

The evening dinner was a three-course delight with laughter, talking and singing throughout.

One of the favourite Latvian traditions is to chant 'kiss' 'kiss' until the entire room joins in to entice the couple to show their affection for each other.

bride and groom posing against rustic door and cream stone wall

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The speeches were really fun and also emotional.

Another Latvian tradition 'stealing of the bride' with Baiba popping to the toilet, only to be replaced by a man in her veil.

Adam had to pay a ransom in the form of alcohol before his bride was returned.

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With the glamorous guests dancing the night away in true wedding style it was lovely to see the blending of nationalities, languages and ages seamlessly enjoying each others company

Adam and Baiba opted against the traditional first dance and instead opened the floor to all guests.

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Check out the full video slideshow here

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