Glamorous Countryside Wedding</br>Joanne and Stuart at Caer Llan

Glamorous Countryside Wedding
Joanne and Stuart at Caer Llan

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After Joanne and Stuart's pre-wedding shoot there was much excitement and anticipation for the big day itself.

We had discussed many ideas and photograph opportunities and planned to capture the most we could.

There was plenty of time allocated to capture the couple in a relaxed and enjoyable location.

One of the best parts about Caer Llan is that everything is in one place.

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The morning preparations took place in the bridal suite with the beautiful turreted balcony overlooking the rolling Welsh hills.

Next door Stuart and the boys got themselves ready using a walkie-talkie between the rooms to avoid seeing each other on the shared balcony.

Rose Gold Sparkles, Bubbles and Sunshine

A romantic and timeless image of couple in the garden at Caer-Llan

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While I spent time photographing the exquisite details that Joanne had carefully selected,  my partner Kyle photographed the groom prep snapping the quirky socks and personalised T-shirts.

Joanne's taste was impeccable with Kirk Geiger shoes, a stunning white lace wedding dress from All About Eve and Schwartzkoff crystal necklace and earrings.

Image of bride and groom having a sexy kiss by swimming pool at Caer-Llan-Wedding
Bride and groom walking in garden at Caer-Llan
A Cute image of bride and groom by swimming pool in summer house at Caer-Llan
An touching portrait of bride and groom with whimsical backlight sunlight at Caer-Llan.

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Just prior to the ceremony we managed to capture a precious first touch moment.

Joanne’s fingers reaching around the door to touch Stuarts moments before they became husband-and-wife.


You could feel the anticipation and excitement in the air.

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The ceremony was beautiful with Isabella (their daughter) stealing some of the limelight during the quiet moment.

But this was met with much laughter and smiles.

After the ceremony, we constructed a heart-shaped group, which worked perfectly in Caer Llan’s layered garden. 

Close friends and family photos with everyone was laughing when the bubbles came out.

Shouting “blow blow blow” at the group trying to produce the right amount of bubbles for the photograph was a memorable moment.

Of course with the wind blowing in the wrong direction didn't help.

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We approached my favorite time of the day with whimsical evening sunlight.

So after food, we strolled through the gardens capturing quirky and fun but also romantic and very touching moments.

Utilising the swimming pool, landscape and beautiful gardens at Caer Llan.

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Another highlight was the wedding cake with really cork love sign made by the bride herself.

As evening progressed into night, music flowed with the first dance and father, daughter dance.

It was the perfect day, Joanne and Stuart are such a lovely couple I am sure I'll be seeing them again in the near future.

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Check out the full video slideshow here

Charlie X

Image of of a wedding cake with bride and groom kissing in the background at Caer-Llan.

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