Newborn Baby Photography – Daniel Osea Salailagi 

4 Day Old Newborn Baby - Weighing 7lb 9oz

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It's not often you get to visit a military base for such a lovely event.

I had the honour of visiting baby Daniel in his home at Beachley barracks in Chepstow.

His first professional photo-shoot at just 4 days old!

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Being the couple's first baby, Wise and Karen were very kind to allow me in so soon after the birth.

I really enjoyed capturing this magical time of the parents getting to know their baby and the tentative moments where everything is new.

Using natural light from a window worked perfectly to create soft and dreamy images.

Wise, is a soldier from Fiji so I used the contrast of his big arms to emphasize how tiny Daniel was.

Karen was still recovering from the birth so a home shoot was the perfect option.

Newborn babies grow so fast its lovely to capture their first few days of life.

Full length image of newborn in cute clothes
Full length image of newborn crying

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