Choose The – Perfect Wedding Cake

I've photographed over a hundred weddings so I want to share some of the amazing cakes I've come across.

I'm certainly no Nigella and unfortunately didn't get to sample them all but very much enjoyed photographing them.

Heres a few of my recent favourites.

The naked cake has become popular and I'm a huge fan of the fresh fruit. It can be tricky in hot weather but suits a rustic barn wedding perfectly and can be a real show stopper. Consider having it arrive later in the day to keep it at its best.

Some couples opt for shop brought or DIY cakes simply because they love the cost of them or the taste of mums homemade Victoria sponge. Spiced up with added decorations (occasionally on the day by the bride herself)

Some themed weddings have had such fun cakes, from The Beatles to Rugby.  If it's all too much you can also opt for a cake topper theme that has a special meaning for you.

But if you really want the cake to steal the show, layer those tiers high.

It is daunting when I want to move the cake slightly to get it in good light as the top tier starts to wobble,  but its so worth it and touch wood I havn't knocked one over yet!

What ever you choose just allow time to photograph the cake before the guests sit down for food. This keeps the decorations fresh and you can view it within the room setting before its gets messy.

Place the cake, making sure it is in good light with a clean background for the best photographs and I always appreciate a slice for the road.

Cheese wedding stack on a table surrounded by brightly coloured flowers and bouquet.

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