Underwater Pre-Wedding Photography in the Chepstow Countryside – Kim & James

Ethereal Underwater Film Photography

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Kim and James are self-pronounced water babies.

On our first meeting we had discussed the idea of using a water setting as a location for their pre wedding photography shoot.

A nice lakeside or fountain backdrop?

Nope! Lets do it underwater.

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For the shoot I was lucky to have a kind neighbour on the outskirts of Chepstow with a beautiful outdoor pool and a backdrop of Wentwood forest and the beautiful Wye Valley.

The pool was heated to an inviting 30 degrees prior to our arrival so we captured a few safety shots on land first.

Then we dived in and using a compact underwater camera and 35mm film camera with waterproof housing proceeded to have fun.

Full length image of couple on edge of swimming pool.
Boy and girl sitting on edge of pool with feet in swimming pool
Couple in mid air as they jump into pool.
Couple fully clothed are caught half under the water

Floral images for site decor

Floral images for site decor

Underwater photography creates a dreamy, ethereal effect.

With floating clothing and natural lighting from the sun above bathing the surface and casting soft hazy shadows.

The high-speed film added noise to the black and white images creating a grainy look, reminiscent to vintage cameras of old.

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The wedding ceremony was to be held at St Arvans Church in Chepstow

Followed by a reception at the Glen yr Afon in Usk

The day was set to be really good fun and as I got on so well with Kim and James I couldn't wait.

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Check out a few behind the scenes shots of my assistant and myself splashing about with flattering snorkels and wetsuits.

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