Wedding Timing & Group Shots

Three bridesmaids in navy and bride in white lace dress stand smiling in at each other holding large colourful bouquets. Chepstow Wedding
Bride and groom stand in a casual pose and smile at the camera for a group shot.

After the service often comes the group-shots. Weddings being so important these are one of those (sometimes rare) occasions family come together in their Sunday best. I pay special attention to older family members and children as it's nice to look back on these images for years to come.

How many are too many?

I've had a list requesting 50+ group shots before, I can accommodate this but it will mean standing for 2 hours smiling. Also, you will be losing that time from there precious day". Years of experience has shown me that too long spent on group shots is often a frustrating and not enjoyable experience for the couple and guests. I recommend 6 / 8 for the Best group shots then a break to mingle and relax after the ceremony. More later is always an option but remember you need time to capture the bridal party and couple photographs when everyone's still sober.

Full group shot of a wedding party inside St David hotel using the layers of balcony.

Creating an organised stress-free wedding day timeline for the Best group shots

Floral images for site decor

Wedding days can be relaxed and fun if they are well organised

Sounds Crazy Right?

I've attended hundreds of weddings and can help you avoid the pit falls. When I offer advice about wedding day timelines it is with the intention of keeping the day running smoothly and stress free. If you'd like to draw on my skills, knowledge and experience on timelines needed to achieve the results you want please get in touch.

On the day time will fly and there's never enough of it.

Be sure to consider travel time and any allow for possible delays, getting from the bridal prep to the service almost always runs over so add extra here. Remember vintage and classic cars although beautiful aren't always 100% reliable and don't cruise along as swiftly as your modern day city car.  Maybe plan for a back-up just in case as this could stop you from getting married that day at all.  I've not seen it reach that stage yet but an awkward phone call, angry vicar followed by an E-type Jaguar being pushed around the corner by some oil covered groomsmen springs to mind.

If you don't have a toast master I'd recommend having an allotted person/persons who knows the family members to help gather people that may of gone astray. It really helps if they have a loud voice too. It can be tasked to the best man and ushers who think all their job was to get the groom drunk on the stag do, make them work for their food.

A wedding party of 8 having fun while posing for a group shot photograph.

My final note is for bride and groom portraits, for romantic and whimsical photographs you should ensure you consider the time of day. I do like to get some portrait shots in the bag before food but to capture the magical evening light remember to spare some relaxed time to do this, and if there's no sun, no worries, we'll fake it.

If you put the hard work in before the big day, when it comes around you can relax, chat and drink and know there's time for us to capture incredible photographs that will bring back fond memories forever.

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