Winter bridal hair trends – styles and accessories – Guest Post

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Floral images for site decorWinter weddings can be amazing! Glistening trees, rustic colours and maybe even a sprinkling of snow all lend themselves to being part of making an already very special day a bit more magical.

Whilst spring and summer weddings may be the preference of many, that’s no reason for ruling out having your big day in the winter.

It’s usually a great choice financially, for a start.

In addition to the dress, your hair is a major consideration and there are plenty of great styles that suit a winter wedding – let’s check out a handful of them.


Braids are without a doubt one of the most popular wedding hairstyles and definitely one that can have the most impact.

There are so many options too so take time to speak to your hairdresser and try out variations before the big day.

Whether it’s a tight French plait or a flowing pull through braid have fun choosing.

Loose curls

Whilst the loose curl look may well conjure up images of a floaty bride in summer, it’s a great look for winter weddings too.

The reason for that? It’s an elegant and timeless style and if that’s something you’re going for this could well be the one for you.

Flower crown

Staying with the theme of classically summer-based styles, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for a flower crown in winter.

If you want it to be bold and bright that’s your prerogative but, for a seasonal or even festive twist, you could go for golds, greens and browns.

Play around with it and find the colour combo that you like best.


High bun

A glamorous style and one that’ll look great all day.

Once you’ve put in the time to create this classic do it’ll hold its shape really well.

You could leave it in its natural beauty or go a bit glam with sparkly accessories.

In particular, a high bun lends itself really well to bejewelled nests so don’t be afraid of going big.

Variations on the bun

Slicking your hair back in a high bun will give you a really classy look but there are many other ways to wear a bun.

For example a messy chignon full of dreamy hair clips and pins.

That can give you a beautifully feminine feel, as can be plaited chignons or chignons that are worn on the side.

Half up half down

We’ve looked at hairdos that go up as well as styles that hang down, but why not go for the best of both worlds with a half up half down do?

That way you can combine the intricate and chic nature of a classic bun or braid with the more flowy, princess-like look you can get with wearing your hair down.

Just because it’s winter, there’s no reason to limit yourself when it comes to picking your dream wedding hair.

From classic styles like the chignon and pull through braid to stunning accessories like seasonal flower crowns and bejewelled nests, you’ve got some amazing options.

Have fun choosing and look forward to the end results on your big day.

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